Why Solid Rock?

The words Solid Rock come from Matthew 7:24. In this passage of scripture, Jesus compares one who listens to, and obeys the Word of God, to a person who builds his house on a solid rock. He further makes the point that one who builds on a solid rock will be able to persevere through stormy conditions. The solid rock of scriptural obedience is what we desire to build upon. We desire to be a group of people identified by our willingness to hear and obey God’s word out of love for God, who first loved us.

Why is it called a fellowship, and not called a church?

Our Common Goal

A fellowship is a group of common people positioned around a common goal. For Christians, the word "church" comes from the Greek word "ekklesia" which refers to a group of people gathered together. Historically, ekklesia, has been used to describe political, geographical, and ideological groups of people who assemble together. As time passes, culture and language evolve. Over time, words and idioms lose meaning and change meaning. We have determined to not use the term "church" in our name because we wanted our name to be more specific and descriptive of who, why, and what we gather about. Solid Rock Fellowship should be specifically described as a people who gather with the exclusive purpose of knowing God's Word and obeying it because we love Him, because he first loved us! 

Our Common People

As a fellowship, we still have those who hold positions of teacher and leader (like any other church), but in order to most faithfully live out those positions, we have made the decision to continually reaffirm the responsibility for leaders and other members to submit to and serve one another in love, according to the Biblical model of church leadership. We recognize that no Christian is higher ranking or more important than any other. We refute the idea behind what Paul ridiculed as "super apostles". We recognize that all are damned to eternal destruction without a restored relationship with the Father through Jesus Christ - meaning no one is of any higher importance than anyone else. The Bible calls for leaders to lead by example not lording over those who they are called to lead. The Bible also calls for those who are leaders to make themselves the servant of those whom they lead. As a fellowship, we believe their are really only two ranks, damned to hell or redeemed to eternal life. There are roles and responsibilities that differ from person to person but no one is above biblical examination. In order to properly hold accountable and sharpen one another, we are all open to being questioned and held to a biblical standard!

How Can I Get Involved?

Membership is not the same as attendance. In order to obey the Bible, we take membership very seriously. The primary difference between attendant and member is directly related to accountability and mission focus. Our mission is to get to know God and make him known - in that order. Part of knowing God is to learn his Word, not just memorize it but internalize it and submit to it - making him known is the natural overflow of knowing him. Before formally accepting members, we ask them to go through a process of testing themselves and their level of commitment, not to a church organization, but to the Word of God. This testing process is guided by the leadership of SRF. SRF does not accept everyone as members but only those who, after testing, have proved to be all in for Jesus. Some of the criteria for testing includes examination of the following: Have they confessed Christ as Lord and savior. Have they been baptized? Was that baptism more than ritual? Do they view the Bible as supreme standard by which to judge themselves? is it infallible? Inerrant? Do they understand the basic soteriological doctrines and affirm them? Can they prove it from scripture? Are they committed to SRF's common goal?