Last Week

     Last week we met at Anthony Marshall’s house. We read in the Bible and discussed various topics. The main take away was how the “why” of Christian living and Church activities is more important than the “what”. We also met and talked about logistical things including but not limited to building this website. We began defining some of our core values with the idea of stripping down all of the extras and sticking to the biblical essentials for building a Church fellowship. We mainly talked about the need for accountability in this process which all the notes can be found on our communication board under the title “church stuff”. In an effort to build outside accountability, we will be meeting with Ken Saul soon (Lord willing). The goal was to begin talks about leadership. The bank account total was also posted in the forum.

This Week

     This week we read from Luke 16:19-17:10 about Lazarus and the rich man, about forgiveness, and Christian duty. Anthony Marshall shared about the problems he has encountered in his own experience in the Church including but not limited to the lack of genuine sacrificial love that is so uncommon even amongst believers. The charge was to examine your heart and strive towards genuine love and affection for one another bearing one another’s burdens. When one is weak the goal is for everyone else to stand in the gap... which is only possible if we have forgiving loving serving and selfless affection for God’s people. We didn’t talk much about leadership but we plan to next week. Although a good place to start in leadership is loving God’s people, not just in word or just in deed but genuinely. Like the one leper who was healed and came back to Jesus. If we have been healed by God our response should be to yea I’ll and submit to his will and desire for our life. Next week’s goal (after studying the word and spending time in prayer and worship) is to begin to get some things written down in relationship to biblical church leadership. We spent money on this website. The bank account’s total is $109.